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Young Chicken Farmers: Tips for Kids Raising Backyard Chickens

10.25” x 9.25”
Vickie Black
Children / Non-Fiction
Hardcover, 32 pp
Pub Date:
November - 2012

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Would you like to be a young chicken farmer? Believe it or not, you don’t have to live on a farm to raise chickens–chicken farmers live in rural areas, suburbs, and even in inner cities. Caring for chickens can be easy once you learn how to keep them safe, healthy, and happy. Young Chicken Farmers: Tips for Kids Raising Back­yard Chickens will teach you how to care for your flock and have fun at the same time.



About the Author



Vickie Black is a wife, mother, and proud backyard chicken farmer. A resident of MN, she has a bachelor’s of science, a master’s of education, and works as a market­ing consultant. The family got their inspiration for raising chickens while visiting a local pumpkin patch that had a small flock. Her husband Jason built their coop in the garage over the winter, with the help of their two boys, Brady and Hudson. The family loves the entertainment and fresh eggs that the chickens provide.




What's Being Said


Young Chicken Farmers is very interesting and well written. It’s fun and educational and the photos really make the book!

–Elaine Belanger, editor, Backyard Poultry magazine



If there is a young child in your life who is (or ought to be) interested in poultry, this book is just what you’ve been looking for: a unique combination of information and entertainment wrapped in a wonderful package of delightful photographs and engaging design. (The comic-book-like captions on many of the outstanding pictures are particularly enchanting.)

--J.D. Bellanger, Backyard Poultry magazine:
Excerpt of a review that appeared in the February/March 2013 issue of Backyard Poultry magazine.


Although there are many, many informative and interesting books for adults about keeping hens, this is the first one I have seen specifically aimed at children aged 3 to 8 and I absolutely loved reading every page.

--Sian Williams (Reviewer) has shared feedback for Young Chicken Farmers.



This is a great book for children to read alone or for adults to read along with younger children; it is fully illustrated in colour with photographs on every page to illustrate the points being made. It is a really attractive book and the information is explanatory and clear. It covers all the basics from preparing a suitable home to receive your chicks, watching them grow up, how to care for them in order to keep them healthy and happy and how to handle them without scaring them.
--Sheer magic, and a great way to introduce children to the incredibly fun and rewarding world of keeping hens!

Who knew I would love this book? It was one of the most educational books I have ever read. Filled with loads of information on every aspect of raising and caring for chicks and chickens, it was an unexpected delight. The pictures were precise and sharp. The page layouts were colorful and interesting. The extra scooping of fun facts was wonderful. This book was engaging and inspiring. It reminded me of my childhood when I would go to visit a rural chicken farm. I remembered how much I had learned and how fascinating watching chickens was. I cannot wait to share this cool find with my kids!

--Kim Teamer (Reviewer) has shared feedback for Young Chicken Farmers. Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Rating: 5/5 Recommend: Yes Bookshelf Worthy: Yes Target Audience: PK-6 Options: This would make a great unit study for any educational program.


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