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The Fractured Life of 3743

Rob Cabitto
Personal Memoir
Softcover, 248 pp
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The life of 3743 is a journey, beginning with tragedy, addiction and culminating in redemption born out of desperation.

Rob Cabitto’s story of his fractured life being redeemed is a powerful and cautionary tale of how a life can go horribly wrong. When Rob was five, he was put up for adoption because of the severe addictions of his parents. As is often the case, these early hardships helped to make the man who he is today. Rob tells what it was like to live untethered to any spiritual, tribal or social belief system—and the consequences associated with an amoral lifestyle. He describes exactly what it was like to be homeless, penniless and jobless, with nowhere to go but down. However, what he believed to be his bottom was only a temporary stopping point. He had yet to fall further, and for many years, lived in the abyss of a life without meaning or direction.

This story is about overcoming immense obstacles as a child, the bad choices he made as a young adult and into adulthood, and the resilience of the human spirit. A Fractured Life Redeemed is insightful, captivating and has a universal message for all those who have been hopeless or lost—and that message is hope...



About the Author


Rob is Founder and CEO of Nine Mile Communications Inc., which provides installation services for data and telecommunication equipment covering North America. He has captivated audiences for over 10 years with his inspirational story of perseverance and resilience. His harrowing and dramatic story of overcoming his once-fractured life and transcending it into hope and inspiration is for all of us. Rob is a Native American Indian from the Karuk Tribe, and 3743, his tribal roll number, identifies his Native blood and heritage. He is an active advisory board member for the Salvation Army in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In addition, Rob volunteers at several Chemical Dependency Institutions around the country. He received his B.S. in Business Marketing from the University of Phoenix and an M.B.A. from the New York Institute of Technology. Rob also holds many specialty certificates in Data Networking, Data Storage, Telecommunications and Network Design. Rob is a proud and active father to his son, Colin.




What's Being Said


“Like many who were raised in unfortunate circumstances, Rob Cabitto made poor choices. But yet, after reaching the bottom of life’s well, Rob has climbed out and into the light of forgiveness and service to others. Rob, through his works and his book, The Fractured Life of 3743, will not only give hope, but truly inspire others toward their own greatness.”
-Dave Pelzer, Pulitzer Prize nominee and New York Times best-selling author of A Child Called “it”

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